Frank Kroese

Project Manager
“Construction is a celebration. The very fact that so many aspects and disciplines come together in a construction project makes it extra interesting. And building is something you do together, often with all kinds of different types of people. I like to be a connecting factor for that.”

What or who inspires you when it comes to your work?

I was born in Africa and lived there for 12 years. The experiences I had there shaped me personally. It broadened my view of life, of the earth. It has inspired me to keep thinking carefully about decisions you can make for yourself and for others. For example, both consciously and unconsciously, I think about whether something is really necessary or not. This benefits not only privately, but also while at work. For example, can I achieve the same result or even better with just a little less? It is an ongoing thought process.

Which building would you like to think about again?

The former Kodak building, a monumental building in The Hague. I had the opportunity to renovate this in 2011 for the French Embassy. Its use as an embassy placed special demands on the building, including stringent security requirements. In recent years, safety and security have come under more pressure. How wonderful it would be, with the knowledge of today, to be able and allowed to rethink that. Would we house the Embassy in the same building? And if so, would we classify it the same way or completely differently? I think it would be very fun and interesting to brainstorm about that again with the French Ambassador. All the more so because I was able to receive a personal letter from him about our pleasant cooperation during the renovation work in 2011.

A selection of Frank's projects