Construction Management

Construction cost management

‘Are we doing the best within budget?’ Behind that question is a world in itself. Our consultants will assist you from the definition phase of your project and answer questions such as:

  • What are your requirements, what is achievable within what budget and what value for money do you choose?
  • What does and does not fall within that budget?
  • For example, what if commodity prices continue to rise or other external factors are impacted, what room do you reserve in the budget for this?

We already provide monitoring and control during the design process so that the chosen solutions do not bring any unexpected surprises when it comes to budget. This is not just about the total amount, but about all sub-aspects and choices in a design. An unforeseen expensive element of the design, such as a façade, should not have to be “put right” by compromising on quality in another area to save money.

We also keep an eye on the consequences of choices in the design process for the utilization. Not only to prevent unforeseen high operating costs in the future, but also to be able to calculate where extra investments are justified because they actually result in lower operating costs, such as in energy-neutral buildings. ‘Are we doing the best within the budget? With us as your construction cost management partner, you’ll get a comprehensive answer to that question.

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"By continuously following developments in cost and market prices and analyzing tender results, our construction cost experts always work with the most up-to-date information."