Real Estate Advice

Feasibility study

Whether it’s new construction, remodeling, redevelopment or area development, we can visualize in advance for you how feasible a project is. In the definition phase, we help establish the framework of a project. A feasibility study will answer questions such as:

  • Is the project technically feasible?
  • What is the feasibility given the environment and soil conditions?
  • What legal restrictions are there, such as environmental and safety or zoning restrictions, protected cityscapes or monuments?
  • What challenges and problems are to be expected in the organization of the implementation, in terms of logistics, nuisance pollution, but also, for example, because of asbestos and soil contamination?
  • Is the project realizable within the set budget-or if a budget is not yet known-how financially profitable is the project (ratio of investment to expected return)?
  • What are the risks and to what extent are they manageable?

We also include special aspects of the project, such as sustainable construction or redevelopment, for example, in the feasibility report. This will give you a good basis for a thoughtful decision.

Curious what Stevens Van Dijck can do for you?

"The best investment in a project is realized by first investing in certainty as to whether it is feasible. Our project managers, real estate specialists and (construction) cost experts demonstrate that every day."