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Evacuation plans

Want assurance that your building meets all safety requirements? Our specialists test it for you. We can also provide all required evacuation plans for you.

A safe building has escape routes, emergency lighting and compartmentalization. These are clearly marked on evacuation plans visible in appropriate locations. Staff and users thus know which route to take and which instructions to follow in emergency situations. A so-called fire-safe use notification, consisting of safety instructions and a set of evacuation plans, also contains information for the fire department. A use notification is required in buildings used by more than 50 people. A use notice should also be present at the following locations:

  • Office: bank, city hall, county hall.
  • Store: mall, department store, supermarket.
  • Light industry: shed, barn, agricultural greenhouse.
  • Sports facility: swimming pool, fitness center.
  • Building for the education of persons 12 years and older: classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Where room rentals take place.

In accordance with the set standard NEN1414:2000, we draw up the necessary use notification and evacuation plans for you.

Curious what Stevens Van Dijck can do for you?

"Draw up evacuation plans and request the notification of use, we ensure that everything is arranged correctly for you."