From any starting point, tailored to your situation

Whether your plans are at an early stage or already more advanced, our cooperation can start at any time. Every construction project is customized, but we distinguish a number of phases.

Where are you now? Then we join in.

1. Initiate

A construction project begins with an initial idea, a desire or ambition. More space is needed, or just a more compact building, a more sustainable building. However, in a multitude of choices and options, it is not easy to go through the right steps in the right order in a structured way. Just consider the trade-off between new construction or remodeling, which can also present interesting opportunities. Our specialists will investigate this with you and also present you with less obvious solutions and options. Together we arrive at the best choices at the start of your project.

By conducting a thorough exploration under expert guidance as early as this stage, you will make solid choices that will hold up in the process of new or remodeling. This is important from the standpoint of progress and cost control. It provides peace of mind if you don’t overlook opportunities and/or have to review decisions. A good start means: clarity, overview and a smooth transition to the next phase of your construction project. We take care of that.

Initiation phase

From an initial idea, desire or ambition through the “why” question, clarify what you want to achieve.

Who are the users? What should a building do for you? From our experience, we bring it into focus.

With expert guidance, make informed decisions about what best suits your situation.

Knowing what you are getting into for the sake of moving the process forward.

Explore with us exactly where you stand and what our expertise means in that regard.

2. Defining

In this phase, we guide you through all the steps to actually make a building plan concrete. We record the corresponding figures and the desired quality. We also agree with you exactly what should be in the Program of Requirements and, if necessary, conduct a Feasibility Study. Our expert consultants know how to arrive at the optimal result within the budget framework. Count on us to go to the limit. We also establish the desired project organization and create a schedule that is ambitious, realistic and robust enough to accommodate unforeseen development in one phase without immediately jeopardizing full progress. All outlines are now further developed and you are ready for the next phase.

Definition Phase

Under the motto “the more concrete, the better. We also record the desired quality.

Your ambition and your framework of possibilities bring our advisors together in the optimal situation for you.

Construction is complex. Overseeing a project from start to finish is our expertise.

Realistic and robust enough to secure progress.

Explore with us exactly where you stand and what our expertise means in that regard.

3. Design

At this stage, there are many choices to be made about the building’s design. Specifically, what will it look like? What materials will be used? What technology and installations are needed? Our construction managers and consultants take each step with you. They ask the right questions at the right time to help your organization think through all the choices carefully, tailored to the functions your building needs to perform. We also pay attention to the opportunities for sustainable construction and the benefits and returns associated with it. Furthermore, our construction managers sort out everything as far as the necessary permits are concerned and they make sure they arrive on time. Here you will find more information on: Design Management.

Design phase

Shaping and spatializing a plan: this is what it will actually look like.

We determine what installations are needed and incorporate choices into the design.

Attention to the possibilities of sustainable construction and its returns.

Our consultants ask the right questions in time to make the right choices, including about materials.

Certainty about what is needed. Certainty about the start of construction.

Explore with us exactly where you stand and what our expertise means in that regard.

4. Contract

From an idea to clear frameworks, and from there to a design, is quite a route. Actual construction always involves a large number of parties: from contractors to installers and furnishers. How will you choose all these parties and what agreements will you make with them? In the process of tendering and contracting, our specialists will help you find the right way. They ensure that you make the right choices and your procurement takes place according to all applicable regulations. They also guarantee that even the details in agreements are properly recorded in contracts. See also more information on our Procurement and Contracting services.

Tender and contract phase

We guide you through the many parties involved and advise how to establish solid agreements.

Procurement can be done in several ways, what choices are available and what are the consequences.

Big picture and minute but crucial details, our experts capture agreements the right way.

How is an award legally sound.

Explore with us exactly where you stand and what our expertise means in that regard.

5. Realize

The implementation of your project involves many parties, from architects, consultants, contractors, installers to suppliers. Making sure everything goes as agreed upon (in contracts and specifications) is, in short, what we do for your project. This requires a well-oiled project organization. After all, all stakeholders have been brought together specifically for this project and may be working together for the first time. We keep control of the construction process for you.
Tenacious and flexible at the same time, we find a solution to every challenge. The ultimate goal is to deliver a building as it should be, inside and out. Find out more on the Management page.

Realization phase

Many parties and challenges in one project, require good, respectful direction.

Tenaciously working toward the delivery of the building as it should be, inside and out.

Is everything as agreed upon, and if not, what is needed to make sure it is?

Explore with us exactly where you stand and what our expertise means in that regard.

6. Utilize

Once the new or remodeling process is complete, you will utilize the building. For healthy operations, our advisors are here to advise and assist you. They know all the ins and out of Management and Maintenance and can even take it completely off your hands. They also ensure that you always have the right figures to make well-considered choices. We are used to looking far ahead and acting accordingly.

Operation Phase

New construction or remodeling is completed, a milestone. We provide you with all the information before commissioning.

For healthy operations, our advisors assist you with foresight so that you make responsible choices.

If required, we will take management and maintenance completely out of your hands.

Explore with us exactly where you stand and what our expertise means in that regard.