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Management & maintenance

With timely and complete maintenance with long-term planning, your building will continue to function properly and cost control will be optimal. Our consultants will save you money and unpleasant surprises.

Our work:

  • Establish starting points, your current situation and future.
  • Prepare multi-year maintenance plan (MYP), with activities per year plus associated costs.
  • Coordinate MYOP with stakeholders in your organization.
  • Make an inventory of activities per building and for the entire portfolio, look for opportunities to reduce costs by combining activities.
  • Advice on tendering and content of maintenance contracts, including drafting and closing.
  • Periodically adjust MJOP where necessary, based on theoretical and functional life of building(s).

Exactly the maintenance needed is done, cost control is maximized. We provide transparency in budgeting, planning, execution and accountability. You have certainty about the state of maintenance of your buildings.

Additional services:

  • Implementation of maintenance scheduling, supervision, control and financial settlement.
  • Prepare specifications and statements of work.
  • Advice on drawings management.
  • Portfolio management consulting.
  • Assess buildings and facilities for compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Investigate building sustainability and make and implement improvement proposals.

Curious what Stevens Van Dijck can do for you?

"Timely, complete and scheduled maintenance not only keeps your building in good condition, but also your budget."