Sustainability, circularity and well-being

Sustainability, circular buildings, sustainability

We do it out of conviction, out of necessity, out of responsibility to future generations. And because it offers opportunities. Stevens Van Dijck wants to contribute to a living environment in which well-being and sustainability are paramount.

Our belief is that a sustainable building accelerates further sustainability of an organization. A sustainable building acts as a catalyst. We aim to supervise only construction projects with at least the “BREEAM label Excellent” in the short term. In order to inspire and advise clients in the best possible way, all of our employees have been trained as BREEAM experts. We use special design methodologies in the interest of sustainability.

Hallmarks sustainability

Better buildings are circular

On the occasion of Stevens Van Dijck’s 25th anniversary in 2020, we joined forces with LBP|SIGHT to launch the platform. The goal: to highlight the broad theme of circular building from multiple angles and share knowledge. Articles and interviews, about successes and less successful but all the more instructive projects. Because our aspiration is to actually make the world more circular. Its necessity is impossible to ignore. It also offers a world of possibilities.

Circular Building Workshop

Circular construction, everyone is talking about it, and rightly so. But where exactly do you start as a principal? What is the best way to make good use of the opportunities and build support for them in your own organization? Clarity on this will be offered by Stevens Van Dijck in the Circular Building workshop. We share the knowledge and experience our consultants have accumulated in the many circular projects we have been involved in.