"Building is more than stacking bricks. It's about bringing the right people together."

Working at Stevens Van Dijck

Construction projects large or small, complex or manageable, national or international: it is precisely this variety that makes you happy. And when you dive into a project, you are on the edge of your seat: can it be done even better, faster, more efficiently? How do we not just tick off the list of requirements, but create added value for all stakeholders? Every day you look for ways to do it a little better today than yesterday, with a small team of experts and together with partners in the project. Everyone has their own role in this: in a culture of equality and respect for each other, you feel perfectly at home.

Are we doing something with circular building and sustainability? For you this is not a question, but a given. Through the construction projects you contribute to, you work towards a pleasant, livable and sustainable living environment. You question what needs further investigation, think about solutions to complex issues and are not afraid to share your vision. And you encourage yourself and others to learn, develop and improve. The construction industry never stands still, so neither do you. At Stevens Van Dijck you will have every opportunity and space to work and learn in a way that suits you. The foundation is there, the rest is up to you. Together we will make progress.


Does this approach suit you? We would love to get to know you better! Discuss the possibilities with Bram Jongejan via 06-23411403 or by email jongejan@stevensvandijck.nl


The world of real estate and construction is changing at a rapid pace. That is why we regularly have vacancies: from entry-level positions to jobs for more experienced professionals who want to boost their career in construction and real estate. Is your dream job not (yet) listed? Feel free to send us an open application.

Do you see yourself on the team? Let's get acquainted!

contact Bram Jongejan at 06-23411403 or by email jongejan@stevensvandijck.nl

SVD Academy

Some knowledge in our industry is highly specialized. Or it is theory that everyone has to learn or refresh every now and then. So we might as well keep that knowledge up-to-date together. That’s what the SVD Academy is for. It covers subjects such as sustainability, fire safety, regulations (Building Regulations, UAV, UAV-GC), project management (Prince2) and finance (e.g. real estate arithmetic). It also focuses on communication and leadership.

In-house training

Want to go one step further? SVD Academy regularly invites external trainers for in-house training courses. We also share the knowledge we have in-house. This includes knowledge in areas such as tendering, construction costs, technology, legal affairs, real estate and circularity.

We are always looking for new talent.
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