How to dream, dare & do!
Since the summer of 2020, there has been considerable rebuilding, renovation and sustainability. The approach yielded a renovated City Hall that fits today’s user requirements and is also sustainable and future-proof.
Stevens Van Dijck appears to have a good mix of personalities and management styles.
Oosthout Municipality converts Arendshof 2 shopping center to town hall. A wonderful addition to the downtown area and a transformation we are happy to be a part of!
In this video, Bram Priem, senior project manager and director of Stevens Van Dijck, and fellow project manager Roxanne America talk about their work for TU Delft.
With loud applause, the pink ribbons were cut: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is open! A moment long awaited, as the renovation of the museum took over 2 years.
“For us, circularity is the pursuit of maximum value retention.”
Experiencing adventures together connects. Getting away from your familiar surroundings, doing things you wouldn’t easily do otherwise.