Housing Consulting

Long-term housing plans

Anyone with a lot of real estate in use and/or ownership wants to be able to look ahead. What developments are relevant to you, what adjustments are needed and what does that mean for operating costs? Only with reliable facts and figures about building usage, and an understanding of how those figures are evolving, can you make the right decisions about your housing for the longer term.

Our consultants assist you with a medium- and long-term housing plan (M)LTHP. This starts with identifying longer-term demand. It includes a comprehensive inventory of use, area, state of repair, energy performance, capital and operating costs, among others. It is also clear what investments are needed and what costs belong to operation in the (medium-)long term. This gives you all information about real estate together in one overview.

We developed this way of working in-house. The model can then be used to calculate a variety of future scenarios. For example, what do contraction or expansion of the organization do, what does upgrading or sustainability of the buildings mean? With the push of a button, you can see the impact on your real estate, especially capital and operating expenses. This allows you to make early adjustments and, for example, set aside budget or cancel contracts. We keep the model updated periodically so you always know where you stand.

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"What does upgrading or making your property more sustainable do? And what are the consequences for capital and operating costs? We always provide direct insight."