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Circular construction

Sustainable buildings pay off better in the long run than buildings that are not sustainable or are only marginally sustainable. Sustainability is the logical choice for many reasons, social and financial. Consider only the rising cost of energy.

Our experts help you develop sustainable real estate. They are fully familiar with the various methodologies for objectively determining how a building scores in terms of sustainability. Consider such tools as BREEAM and WELL. 

Based on this, we will help you make your sustainability ambitions concrete. We will give you clarity on what measures are needed in a building, the investment involved and the return on investment.

Our consultants can also assist your project’s design team by reviewing and improving sustainability proposals. For starters, have your plans and/or existing real estate reviewed with a quick scan. 

Better buildings are sustainable buildings; we are committed to that. We also like to take your (new and existing) real estate to the next level, where sustainability and profitability are inextricably linked.

Circular Building Workshop
Are you interested in using a workshop to further shape, sharpen and substantiate your circular ambitions? Then consider our Circular Building workshop. The workshop is for all those involved in an organization’s construction project: CEO and CFO, project managers, those responsible for management and maintenance, drafter of the PoA and user supervisor. Each workshop is customized and lasts plusminus two hours.

Curious what Stevens Van Dijck can do for you?

"Make your sustainability and circularity ambitions concrete. With available instruments such as BREEAM and WELL Netherlands. And with our experts."