It gives peace
and trust when decisions are well thought out

About Stevens Van Dijck

Who we are

As an independent construction management, housing and real estate consulting firm, we work for a wide range of national and international clients.

The client’s question and situation are always the starting point. With a broad range of services, we fulfill roles as team captain, experienced guide, critical thinker and committed collaborative partner. We go far in looking for possibilities, always in relation to the client’s wishes and requirements.

Building is always serving, focused on the well-being and functioning of people. We use our expertise in the best interest of the client. Our commitment is to achieve better buildings.

Sustainable construction is important to us and alsways obvious in our efforts to make a building better in terms of function, efficiency and future value. Because so much is now possible in terms of sustainability. We implement corporate social responsibility as concretely as possible. By incorporating circular construction into projects. Even in our own actions, including travel behavior and use of materials, we strive to minimize our footprint.

What we stand for

With our organization, we nurture a professional community where people feel at home because of shared values about building and working together. We love to challenge and inspire people – employees and clients.

We can learn from each other. The premise of every assignment is that we get better together. We respect each other and each other’s interests and differences, the basis for cooperation is what binds us and brings us together. A Healthy return is not an end in itself. It serves the continuity of our organization and what we can continue to do.

Stevens Van Dijck as an employer

Professionals who endorse and embrace our values are welcome in our organization. We regularly have vacancies at all levels, from intern and fresh graduate to senior experience level. If you want to commit to hugely varied projects and continue your development, then read more about your career opportunities at Stevens Van Dijck.

Better buildings

Better buildings are sustainable, energy neutral and a healthy environment for people. Better buildings are serviceable and functional, cost-effective and maintainable. Better buildings demonstrate responsibility, preserve their value and are future-proof. Better buildings – are circular.

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary in 2017, we launched together with LBP|SIGHT. This platform highlights and explores the broad theme of circular building from multiple angles through the sharing of articles, interviews, success stories and instructive projects. Our aspiration is to actually make the world more circular. Its necessity cannot be ignored, and it also offers countless opportunities. Our aspiration is to actually make the world more circular. Its necessity cannot be ignored, and it also offers countless opportunities.

For we chose four main themes:

  • Interesting circular projects: how companies are shaping circularity
  • Circular Program of Requirements (PVE): on the role of legislation and the Building Code
  • Circular plan of action (PVA): circularity in the different phases of the construction process
  • Measuring circularity: all the possibilities


In 1992, Paul Stevens and Cees van Dijck joined forces in a construction management firm. Construction projects became increasingly complex, including technology, legislation and cooperation of different parties. Clients discovered the added value of an independent specialist who maintains an overview of the total project and all cooperation partners involved. Construction management had become a specialty in itself.

Stevens Van Dijck distinguished itself by its focus on client, building and users. Dedicated to finding the best solutions within the established frameworks and Program of Requirements.
In 2007, the agency’s structure changed when six new partners joined. It has grown into a company where some 40 professionals take care of a wide variety of construction projects.

The DNA of our agency, however, remained unchanged. ‘We are not a family, it does feel like a family business,’ has always remained an appropriate characterization for the character of our firm. What is characteristic is the drive for content. We are strategically strong, always paired with a hands-on mentality. The beliefs we once started with have only continued to grow. That’s how we realize better buildings.


Know construction processes inside out, at home in many sectors, know what decisions are involved in real estate, overview, see risks and act accordingly


working together in the interest of the client, with the end user in mind, balancing ambition and feasibility, thinking ahead to management and operation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability as a natural pursuit


respectful and equal in collaborations, positive energy, thinking in possibilities, getting better together, in teams letting everyone rise above themselves, pride in final results


knowledgeable managers, decisive, seeing through processes, also leading on content, raising what needs more clarity and asking questions, guide, team leader

Proud of visible results

Building is an intensive process. Therefore, we are definitely proud of all the buildings to which we contributed. Because we have been able to create a unique collaboration time and again. And because the end result stands. Each one is iconic in leading locations.

Naturally sustainable, it doesn't happen by itself (yet)

We do it out of conviction, out of necessity, out of responsibility to future generations. And because it offers opportunities. We do it because we can and because we want to. Striving for sustainable thinking and doing, circular building, what is our vision, how do we make it concrete, what labels do we apply?

Our collaboration can start at any stage

Whether your plans are at an early stage or more advanced, we connect with where you are now. Every construction project remains customized, of course, but globally we distinguish a number of phases.

Get to know us better

What the people of Stevens Van Dijck have in common is the ambitiion to create better buildings for our clients. At the same time we work towards pleasant cooperation, mutual trust, deepening and broadening of the content and creating a more sustainable sector. And we are always working on our own development as professionals and as human beings.