Real Estate Advice

Technical Due Diligence

Diligence (this is the literal translation of the word “diligence”) is indispensable in buying or selling decisions. We inform you after thorough research so that you can make a careful consideration of “do or don’t” and avoid surprises.

What do we report to you about?

  • Technical condition of building and installations.
  • State of maintenance.
  • Comply with laws and regulations.
  • Usability
  • Status of permits, certifications and guarantees in place.
  • What flaws and risks are there and what are the financial implications?
  • What are potential dealbreakers?

Sometimes additional research is desired or necessary, for example in the area of data/documents, asbestos, soil and groundwater, energy label or rentable area (NEN2580). We work according to Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines and report quickly and clearly.

Due diligence can also be important if you are selling real estate. After all, if you have all the data, you can shorten the sales process. The thorough information in our reports builds confidence, eases negotiations and increases the likelihood that you will receive the asking price. On due diligence assignments for properties outside the Netherlands, we work with Watts Group PLC, our Allianced Partner. We also do due diligence in the Netherlands for foreign clients.

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"A good real estate purchase or sale is not a matter of luck, but of careful decisions, underpinned by research from our real estate specialists."