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Design Management

In the design phase, a team moves from nothing to something, with all the choices that come with it. It is the beginning of designing, evaluating, learning and further fine-tuning. Our consultants are able to continue to strive for the optimal solutions at all times with the program of your needs and requirements in mind. They think along the lines of preliminary designs, respecting the ambition of team members, while being constructively critical. Our design managers say what needs to be said, identify where further study or substantiation of a choice is needed, and make sure the design is completely accurate. After all, that is the starting point for further realization of a project.

They also think ahead to what investments and modifications will pay for themselves in operations, such as energy neutrality.

The design manager ensures that the team goes to the extreme within all frameworks of wishes and requirements, budget, but also preconditions such as permits and zoning plans and rules and regulations in the field of subsidy, taxation and procurement.

Decisions in the design phase determine the success and value of your building. We stand for sobriety and diligence at this stage.

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