Privacy Policy

Stevens Van Dijck is an independent and nationwide consulting firm in the areas of construction management, housing consulting and real estate consulting. In order to properly perform our activities, it is sometimes necessary to process your personal data. We always do this carefully and in accordance with the law. In this privacy statement we describe which data we process, how we do this and what rights you have in this regard. If this privacy statement is amended, for example because of changes in the law, we will notify you and/or provide you with an amended version. You will find the current version of the privacy statement on our website

1. Why we process your personal data

We process personal data in order to carry out our activities in the best possible way, in accordance with the applicable legal obligations. We process your personal data in order to perform the following activities:

  • Handling your request for information or publications;
  • Recruiting personnel and assessing the suitability of the applicant;
  • Contacting and managing relations of Stevens Van Dijck;
  • Sending digital mailings and newsletters;
  • Mail shipments;
  • Sending out invitations to events;
  • For surveys and research for the purpose of improving our services.

If Stevens Van Dijck wants to process personal data for another purpose that is not related to one of the aforementioned purposes, we will always inform you about this, for example by adjusting our privacy statement or by posting a message on our website or by sending a personal message to you.

2. Information about the controler responsible for processing your data

The controller of personal data processing is Stevens Van Dijck, Boerhaavelaan 34, 2713 HX Zoetermeer, KVK: 27262879,

3. Personal data that we process from you.

Our basic principle is that we do not process more data than is necessary to carry out the activities listed in paragraph 1. We may process the following personal data:

  • Name and (business) contact information;
  • Your gender;
  • Notes following contact moments;
  • Your preference and interest in our marketing activities;
  • Your opinions and complaints about our services;

We obtained most of the data from you, with the exception of the following data:

  • Public data, such as available online on, for example, social media.

4. Legal basis for using your data

We may use your personal data because it is necessary to pursue our legitimate interest. That legitimate interest is to bring Stevens Van Dijck and its projects to your attention (digitally), to get in touch with (potential) relations and job applicants, to recruit staff and to improve our website. When you enter your personal data in a web form, you are also consenting to the use of your personal data. You can withdraw that consent at any time. We will then cease any further use of your personal data unless we have another legal ground for the use.

5. To whom may we provide your personal data?

Only employees of Stevens Van Dijck who need the personal data to perform their work have direct access to your data in Stevens Van Dijck’s systems.

Sometimes it is necessary for the purpose of our operations to engage third parties (for example, software vendors or shipping partners). This third party will have access to your personal data only if we are certain that the third party will use the data in a manner and for a purpose that is akin to the purpose for which the data was obtained, and only in accordance with this privacy statement. Furthermore, the confidentiality obligations and security measures required by law always apply to prevent your personal data from simply becoming known to other parties.

In some cases, legal obligations also require us to provide data to third parties, such as the tax authorities or other government agencies. In doing so, we always consider how to respect your right to privacy as much as possible. This also applies if providing your data is necessary in the interests of State security, the prevention or detection of criminal offenses, or if the interests of other people are at stake.

For management and maintenance of our computer systems, it may further be necessary for our vendor to have access to the systems. In doing so, the supplier may also be able to see your personal data. This happens only if the supplier can help us and in compliance with strict conditions, including a duty of confidentiality on the part of the supplier. If we need to transfer your data outside Europe, for example because a data center or our supplier is located there, we do so only under the conditions required by law, for example through a contract to which the EU Model Clauses apply.

6. Cookies and hyperlinks

Our website uses cookies to optimize the visitor experience. A cookie is a simple small file stored on your computer’s hard drive. Our websites contain hyperlinks to other parties’ websites. Stevens Van Dijck is not liable for the content of these websites. Nor is Stevens Van Dijck responsible for the privacy policies and use of cookies on these websites.

7. Your right to object

You may object to the use of your personal data, for example, if you believe that the use of your personal data is not necessary for the performance of our activities or the fulfillment of a legal obligation. You may object by sending a letter, accompanied by your name, address, phone number and a copy of a valid ID to Don’t forget to make your BSN illegible on the copy before sending it along. Please state clearly in the letter what use of your data you object to.

What are your other rights in connection with the processing of your personal data?

  • You have the right to access your personal data. This means that you can ask what personal data about you is recorded and for what purposes it is used.
  • If you feel that we have stored incorrect personal data about you, you can have this personal data corrected. You can also ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data, including for the period of time we need to review your requests or objections.
  • You can also ask us to remove your personal data from our systems. We will comply with your request unless we have a compelling legitimate interest in not deleting the data that outweighs your privacy interest. Once we have deleted the data, for technical reasons we cannot immediately delete all copies of the data from our systems and backup systems.
  • You can also ask us to arrange for your personal data to be transferred to another party.
  • We may refuse to comply with the foregoing requests if they are unreasonably frequent, require unreasonable technical effort or have unreasonable technical impact on our systems, compromise the privacy of others or are extremely impractical.
  • You can make the aforementioned requests or raise the said objection by sending a letter to Stevens Van Dijck, as described in point 7.
  • You can also file a complaint about the use of your personal data. You can do so at the Personal Data Authority: Complaint to the Personal Data Authority.

8. Retention period

We do not retain data longer than necessary to conduct our business, unless we are required by law to retain your data longer.

9. How do we secure your data?

We take all reasonable, appropriate security measures to protect Stevens Van Dijck and our clients, associates and employees from unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal data. In doing so, we comply with current security standards.

If despite security measures, there is still a security incident that may adversely affect your privacy, we will inform you of the incident as soon as possible. We will therefore inform you of the measures we have taken to mitigate the consequences and prevent future recurrences.