Construction Management


The implementation of your project involves many parties, from architects, consultants, contractors, installers to suppliers.
Making sure everything goes as agreed upon (in contracts and specifications) is, in short, what we do for your project. This requires a well-oiled project organization. After all, all involved have been brought together specifically for this project and may be working together for the first time. Therefore, for each project we work with a Construction Manual©, which defines how we work together.

  • Clarity of duties and authority.
  • Clarity in communication.
  • Agreements on how we share information uniformly.

Of course, our supervisors are fully versed in process management. Another characteristic of Stevens Van Dijck is their thorough substantive knowledge of materials, techniques and execution methods, as well as regulations and legal aspects. All supervisors hold the UAV superintendent certificate and the safety certificate (VCA-VOL).  We are happy to put all our knowledge to work for you. 

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