Construction Management

Risk Management

Construction always involves a factor of uncertainty. It is realistic to recognize them and act accordingly. Our construction managers identify potential risks, thanks to experience and a kind of built-in antenna, and turn them into structured, objective work. They estimate the extent of a risk, communicate it clearly to all involved in a construction process and do everything possible to manage it.

Principles of Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE):

  • Everyone is responsible.
  • Everyone stays involved thanks to good communication.
  • We look beyond the calibrated (process) risks and name and shame specific risks.

Our approach follows the Risman method.

  • Risk inventory: joint inventory (workshop with stakeholders, later in the process also with contractors and suppliers), everyone is involved, feels ‘problem owner’, do everything possible to avoid leaving risks or risk areas out of the picture.
  • Scaling: determining and understanding the extent of each risk.
  • Identify control measures to reduce risks.

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"Risk management, a matter of experience, thorough approach and also of a sixth sense of our project managers."