Mario van den Born

Project Manager
“A construction project is one of the largest industrial processes that comes to fruition outdoors under the open sky in all weathers. How beautiful is that!”

What makes a collaboration successful for you?

For me, the cooperation within a construction project is successful when all construction partners are unconditionally proud of the finished product achieved. They can then look back with satisfaction on a successful construction process in which each individual partner had the opportunity to be able to achieve their own goals.

For a long time, building in the Dutch polders was the most normal thing

Now we realize more and more inner-city redevelopments, which certainly makes the construction process as complex and interesting. For example, just the current sustainability goals we want to achieve demand a lot from the construction process and from the individual construction partners. It always remains a challenge for me to contribute to the realization of our clients’ wishes as construction manager during the realization phase.

A selection of Mario's projects

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