Joost Vennegoor

Project manager | Partner
After studying structural engineering at TU, I almost immediately entered the multifaceted field of project management and development. There I feel like a fish in the water with now more than 20 years of experience as a project manager and developer in beautiful and ambitious real estate projects.

What gives you satisfaction in your work?

Among other things, the variety is what makes the work so special to me. One day negotiating and closing a contract at the executive level, the next day walking the construction site and talking to the men and women who really make it. The process of making something out of nothing; getting your boots in the mud or working as a team to develop an idea or complex problem into a concrete and tangible project. I still enjoy that every day.

What makes a working day a successful day for you?

A day is successful when I was able to do what I do best and create satisfied customers with my efforts and expertise. Characteristic is my team spirit, involvement and drive, stress-resistance and I like to get down to business.

A selection of Joost's projects

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New Construction