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Opening Gemini College Ridderkerk

Ridderkerk has a new Gemini College! On Nov. 18, the new building was officially opened by Director Gerard Langenberg and Alderman Henk van Os. The new complex is in a special place in Ridderkerk, in the middle of the sports park, and it has access to two gymnasiums to also meet the sports needs of education. The ambition of Gemini College is to develop into a socially entrepreneurial school with the corresponding facilities. The new building can be seen as the engine behind this development and therefore had to be flexible and accommodating. When designing the new building, sustainability was considered in many ways. For example, the roof is full of solar panels. And the school building meets the so-called BENG requirements for near-energy-neutral buildings, which apply to all new buildings in the Netherlands since Jan. 1, 2021. Stevens Van Dijck was involved as project manager, design manager and supervisor.

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