Astrid van Dun
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Circularity Construction, how?!

Circularity, a promising term that no one can ignore anymore. But what does circularity mean? Why is it so important to start this now? What does construction circularity mean in practice? And how do you set an ambition? Is a building made to be circularly reused or is a building made from sustainable sources? Two different approaches with two different results, but still both circular. In other words, circularity construction, how?!

Together with my colleagues Eelco Braakman and Mustafa Nazari, I developed a workshop to answer the above questions. In this workshop, the most important stakeholders of the project will sit together to jointly define the definition. From our experience, we have witnessed that a broad-based and clear ambition is essential for a successful circular project.

Read along in our white paper Circularity in construction, how?!

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