Better Buildings

Decisions about construction, housing and real estate often have far-reaching consequences. As construction managers and consultants, we guide you to thoughtful choices. Together we arrive at a final result that is correct on all sides.

From any starting point, tailored to your situation

Are your plans at an early stage or more advanced? Our collaboration can start at any time. We connect to where you are now. Every construction project is customized, but we distinguish a number of phases.

We will guide you through it with all our expertise, experience and appropriate services. This will ensure that you get where you want to be with your construction project or orientation on housing and real estate. At what stage can we assist you?

1. Initiate

A wish, a first idea. New construction or renovation? What is possible? What does this mean in the long run? What does expert guidance mean at this stage?

2. Defining

Choices about scope and quality. Create a thorough program of requirements in conjunction with budget. What do project organization and planning look like?

3. Design

The plan is taking shape. Spatial filling. Choices for materials and technology, among others. What can be done to become more sustainable? What permits are required?

4. Contract

We know what we want to build. How will we tender it? Looking for the right parties and the right fit. What do we agree on, how do we document it?

5. Realize

Stick to the plan during construction. A solution to every challenge. Completion of the building as it should be, inside and out.

6. Utilize

All about use, management and maintenance. What should you consider? Looking ahead, finding guidance, making responsible choices.

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1. Initiate
2. Defining
3. Design
4. Contract
5. Realize
6. Utilize

Bringing together expertise for you is our expertise

About Stevens Van Dijck

Building development is more complex than it first appears. There are many parties involved. Many things are interrelated and the consequences of choices, especially in the longer term, are difficult to foresee. However, our construction managers and consultants have all the knowledge and experience to guide you through any project. They assist you with a wide range of services. Whether it’s the development and implementation of new construction plans, assessment and renovation of existing buildings, advice on management and maintenance of your buildings or advice on your real estate.

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The team

What connects the people of Stevens Van Dijck is the ambition to create better buildings for our clients. We do so in a setting that inspires and challenges. In addition, we find each other in our ideas about building and what a pleasant cooperation looks like.

How to dream, dare & do!
Since the summer of 2020, there has been considerable rebuilding, renovation and sustainability. The approach yielded a renovated City Hall that fits today’s user requirements and is also sustainable and future-proof.